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On many occasions over the years, the wonderful Art Directors at Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine have called on me to conceptualize and create illustrations for the publication. It usually starts with me getting an email with an interesting article to read and digest. The fun challenge then begins. Time to think up a storm and produce a successful concept; most often learning something new about my own personal finance plan, or lack there of, in the process :)

Vacation Homes
Small Cap vs Big Cap
Lump Sum

Conceptual Illustration

I particularly like editorial illustrations as the art is meant to not only decorate the article, but to supplement it as well, adding further insight into the topics discussed within the writing.
Robo Calls and Sharing Economy

Scams During COVID
Sequence of Risk

Bad Gifts

Grow Your Wealth - May Cover Illustration

Let's Do a Thing Together

Mix Your Brand w/ My Creativity & Sparks Will Fly

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