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Welcome To What I'm Calling:
My Wobbly Crash Project

Inspired by Google Doodles and their technique for web animations, this is an endeavour to create a new 10-second Mini Web Motion (that's right, I coined it and then immediately used it) every couple weeks.

Tune in on a regular basis and keep entertained for 10 seconds at a time:

  1. 08/08/13 - Jack in a Box
  2. 06/15/13 - Bird Envy
  3. 05/30/13 - Ewok Jedi
  4. 05/29/13 - Evolution of Speed
  5. 05/28/13 - Curious Cat
  6. 05/27/13 - Dog in a Tizzy
  7. 05/26/13 - Rabbit Hole

For technical geeks like me, these animations are:
  • non-flash
  • uses single png file
  • animates with jquery, html & css
  • art created in Adobe Illustrator
  • film stitched in Photoshop
  • 110/100 on the awesome scale

Have a project that could come to life with Mini Web Motions? Contact me for info and details.


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